ICSDNextGen youth group registration.

Assalamualaikum please register for ICSDNextGen youth group at the link below

Mind Coffee and Soul Session 4 for young adults 16+

Sept 24th at 7pm at 7250 Eckstrom Ave, San Diego, CA 92111
Featuring Sheikh Mustafa Umar and Sammy Edan.
This critical panel will address Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity as well as Social Media pressures and Fame.
How do we address LGBTQ Issues as Muslims while remaining faithful?
What is our Islamic ethical framework?
How do we offer the proper support needed for our community to navigate an ever changing world?
#muslimmentalhealth #mentalhealthandspiritualwellness #mindcoffeeandsoul featuring a pop up by @humblebeancafe

College Prep 2022

Sept 30th at 7pm at 7250 Eckstrom Ave, San Diego, CA 92111
This is a workshop to help you get some introductory level tips to put in your toolbox and connect with university students that will later work with you to refine and enhance your applications and essays.
You will want to take notes so please bring your laptop, notebook etc.
#personalstatement #collegeprep #essay #applications #university #تعليم# تهذيب

ICSD Nextgen Collaborates With Blue Owl Learning

Assalamualaikum ICSD Nextgen is honored to collaborate with Blue Owl Learning to provide free tutoring for grades K - 12

About Blue Owl Learning

  • Mission is to provide free tutoring services to all students
  • All of our tutors are certified and have college level knowledge in their subjects

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About ICSD Youth group

Our Mission is to develop through education and discipline, commited youth Muslim men and Women capable of spreading and giving root to comprehensive understanding of Islam and to prepare them to be at the forefront in the development of their communities.

NextGen Youth Group is divided into three groups:
Group A is for Middle Schoolers, ages 11+
Group B is for High Schoolers 14+, and
Group C is for Young Adults 18+.

Groups B and C are run by dedicated Muslim college students and young professionals. We meet EVERY Friday night at ICSD and have special events and field trips on weekends throughout the year.