Guide lines to establish Islamic Burial

To establish an Islamic Burial there are two issues to deal with

(1) Mortuary service
-This service includes transportation of the body from the place of death to the mortuary facility where the preparation of the body for burial (washing & Kafan) is done.
-Also getting the burial permit from the county of SD
-Then transporting the body to the cemetery for burial & providing the family with the death certificate later.

ICSD is using Bishop Mortuary for this Service.
Phone number: (619)466-4462, Manager (Gwen)
Address: 3444 Citrus St., Lemon Grove, CA 91945

(2) Cemetery service
-The family of the deceased need to establish a grave at a cemetery.

Very Important:

Please consider wearing a face mask
& maintaining social distance

For further information please contact:
ICSD Office: 858-278-5240