There are various regular activities held at ICSD throughout the week. See the ICSD calendar for details. More information on some of the activities can be found below.

Lectures and Study Circles

We hold a number of lectures and study circles throughout the week. See the activities calendar for the current schedule.

Saturday School

We hold a comprehensive Saturday school to provide our children with basic Islamic education. The subjects covered include Quran, Islamic Studies, and Arabic language instruction. The ages of the students range from six to eighteen. The school is held in two sessions due to the large number of students. See the activities calendar for details.

Youth Group

Our Mission is to develop, through knowledge and practice, committed young Muslim men and women capable of spreading and giving root to a comprehensive understanding of Islam and to prepare them to be at the forefront in the development of their communities.

Our youth group is divided into three groups. Group A is for ages 7-10, Group B is for ages 11-13, and Group C is for ages 14-18. The latter group is run by dedicated Muslim college students.

We meet EVERY Friday at ICSD from 7:30PM to 9:30PM

Women’s Committee

The women’s committee works on programming geared specifically toward women. The objectives and goals of the women’s committee are:

To provide Islamic lectures in English and Arabic.

  • To provide Quran memorization for beginning and advanced learners.
  • To plan Quran memorization classes for young ladies ages 7 and up.
  • To teach the Arabic language in both beginning and advanced levels.
  • To establish an Islamic book club (book suggestions are welcomed).
  • To organize Quran / Islamic contests in Ramadan for women and children.
  • To establish an audio/visual library to exchange resources and offer translating services.

Past Activities

  • Beach Clean Up
  • Eid gifts for the Muslim Refugee Families in San Diego
  • Muhammad (PBUH) awareness campaign
  • An Evening of Islamic Entertainment
  • Let’s Talk: Mother-Daughter Luncheon
  • Lecture: “Challenges facing Muslim Women and Youth in America”
  • Lecture:”Youth Matters”

Email us or contact the ICSD office for more information.