Register for Salaah

ICSD is now open for Dhuhr, Isha and Jumu’ah. Registration required.

Safety of our community is our top priority. May Allah reward you for you patience and co-operation.

Masjid reopening instructions:

Please don’t come if you are unwell
Children below 13 are not allowed
Individuals with underlying health condition are encouraged to pray at home
Face covering is mandatory
Make Wuduh at Home, restrooms will be closed
Bring your own prayer rugs
Maintain Social Distancing per guidelines
Only Fardh prayer will be offered at Masjid
Please pray sunnah at home
Do not socialize before or after prayer
Follow the posted rules onsite

NOTE: Multiple “No Shows” from same individual might block the individual from future registration.

Jumuah registration will open every week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 10:30 InshaAllah