First night of Taraweeh will be on Monday, April 12th.

First day of Ramadan, Tuesday, April 13th.

  • Registration for Isha’a (includes Taraweeh) opens everyday at 12pm for 150 Men and 50 Women and 6pm for 100 Men at www.icsd.org/register
  • Ages 13+ will be allowed to register and come for prayers.
  • Please make Wudhu at home
  • Isha’a iqama will be at 9pm, check in starts at 8:30pm
  • LIVESTREAM at icsd.org: Quran Recitation begins 30 min before Maghrib, Isha/Taraweeh, and Khatera after the 1st half of Taraweeh prayer
  • Daily Iftar-To-Go by registration on icsd.org

Iftar-To-Go Registration

ICSD collects and distributes Zakat-ul-Fitr $10/person, and Fidyah $10/day

Quran Contest

quran contest.jpeg

Ramadan Youth Program will be held at the expansion (ICSD - Youth Center) from age 10 to include:

  • Youth taraweeh at the youth center lead by youth
  • Weekly bonfire halaqa
  • Weekly Iftar
  • Youth cooking shows
  • Ramadan art

Eid ul-Fitr is on Thursday, May 13th