7050 Eckstrom Ave
San Diego CA 92117

Our Imams

Sh. Abdel Jalil Mezgouri

Imam/ Director, ICSD

Imam AbdelJalil Mezgouri is currently serving as the Imam of the Islamic Center of San Diego (ICSD). He is known as a prolific and dynamic speaker, dedicating himself as a tireless supporter of the Islamic cause. Imam AbdelJalil Mezgouri is known amongst Muslims in North America as a passionate supporter and speaker with Islamic Relief, Muslim American Society San Diego(MAS SD) and many other Islamic organizations.

In addition to leading the 5 daily prayers, Imam AbdelJalil Mezgouri is involved in:

  • Counseling (family, marriage, etc)
  • Performing Marriage
  • Dawaah (Introduction to Islam) Programs
  • Giving Fatwa (Juristic ruling concerning Islamic law)

Sh. Taha Hassane

Imam/Director of Public/Interfaith Relations & Youth Program, ICSD

Imam Taha Hassane is currently serving as the Imam/Director of the Islamic Center of San Diego. He joined ICSD in September 2004 from the Colorado Muslim Youth Foundation where he served as a youth instructor. Imam Taha graduated from Institute of Islamic Sciences at the University of Algiers, Algeria, and served as a high school teacher and Imam in Tenes, Algeria for ten years before coming to the United States.
Imam Taha also holds a Master degree of theology in Islamic studies from the Graduate Theological Foundation ion South Bend, Indiana.

In addition to his regular duties at ICSD, Imam Taha is a:

  • Religious adviser of the Muslim Students Association at UCSD.
  • Board member of the Interfaith committee for worker Justice of San Diego County.
  • Board member of the Interfaith Worker Justice, based in Chicago, IL.
  • Member of the west coast Muslim-Catholic dialogue.
  • Member of the advisory Board of the San Diego Police Department and the Interfaith Advisory Board of the San Diego District Attorney.
  • Member of the CAIR California Executive Committee.
  • Volunteer Chaplin at San Diego prisons & hospitals.