What are the Authentic Sources of Islamic Teaching?

The two authentic sources of Islam are the Holy Book of Quran, which was revealed in Arabic and is still in that exact text preserved without change for more than 1433 years. Any other translation is just an interpretation of the word of God. The Arabic Text is what is considered the holy text. The Quran contains deep contemplation about God Almighty and life: its beginning, reason to life and what comes after it, it also contains stories of previous prophets and how they lived to spread God Almighty’s word. Furthermore, it also sets the grounds to living based on the standards of God Almighty.

The second source of Islamic teaching: is the Sunnah, described above. There are many books that compiled stories and sayings of the prophet. The most famous books that compiled the most authentic compilation are the books of Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukharri. Unlike the Quran the infallible word of God, the Sunnah has been extensively studied and categorized in terms of strength in its authenticity.